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Enclosures for power supplies

We are glad to inform you about new cases for power supplies in assortment of our company: 30 plastic cases in the wide size range from 52x29x21 mm to 192x64x39 mm.
Also, there is a long body case made from aluminum profile with plugs on the sides, 255x35x21 mm.
Full list of enclosures for power supplies you can find here: http://www.melt.com.ru/shop/detali/korpusa-dlya-istochnikov-pitaniya.html
Photos of some enclosures for power supplies are published on our site. Nearest time we'll publish more photos & overall dimensions.
Pricing on cases for power supplies differs from the rest of our product pricing.
Minimum order quantity - 1000 cases.
Terms of delivery — 1 month.
Examples of enclosures for power supplies are available on our stock.