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The new equipment on our factory

At the beginning of May 2012 on our factory will be installed the new tool-machines designed for mounting electronic components.

submainimgys12f.pngInstead of PHILIPS TOPAZ & SAPPHIRE tool-machines on our production lines the new multifunctional ultra-contemporary YAMAHA YS12F tool-machines will begin the work.

As a result of upgrade each of our lines could collect printed circuit boards with the productivity of 20 thousand components per hour or, in other words, will spend approximately 0.18 seconds on the each component.

Component placement accuracy: ±0.05mm.

Dimensions of the assambled components varies: from 0402 to 45x100mm and the hight up to 15mm.

Dimensions of the assambled plates varies: from 50x50mm to 575x460mm.

Due to the installation of new machines, at the beginning of May 2012, assembly deadlines of printed circuit boards on our production may increase by a few days. We are working to improve the quality of your products. Thank you for your understanding.