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Code Part number Photo Preview Resolution Backlighting color Dimensions (mm) Visible area Color Glass type Temperature compensation Controller t_operating T_storage U_. Point size (mm) Stock PDF
14571JYG-12864G8G(R)-VA128x64Impossible33.5x31.0x1.7FSTN PositiveST7565P-20-+70-30-+800.20x0.28
3202MT-12232A-1G122x32None77389,562x19STN PositiveNoSED1520-10-+60-10-+605V0.4x0.4Parallel 8/4 bit 6800
4053MT-12232A-1YLG122x32Yellow-green77381362x19STN PositiveNoSED1520-10-+60-10-+605V0.4x0.4Parallel 8/4 bit 6800
5544MT-12232A-2FLA122x32Amber77381362x19FSTN PositiveNoSED1520-20-+70-30-+805V0.4x0.4Parallel 8/4 bit 6800
9852MT-12232A-2FLA-3V3122x32Amber77381362x19FSTN PositiveNoSED1520-20-+70-30-+803.3V0.4x0.4Parallel 8/4 bit 6800
5545MT-12232A-2FLB122x32Blue77381362x19FSTN PositiveNoSED1520-20-+70-30-+805V0.4x0.4
5598MT-12232A-2FLG122x32Yellow-green77381362x19FSTN PositiveNoSED1520-20-+70-30-+805V0.4x0.4
13121MT-12232A-2FLG-3V3122x32Yellow-green77381362x19FSTN PositiveNoSED1520-20-+70-30-+803.3V0.4x0.4Parallel 8/4 bit 6800
13594MT-12232A-2FLR122x32Red77381362x19FSTN PositiveNoSED1520-20-+70-30-+805V0.4x0.4Parallel 8/4 bit 6800
8869MT-12232A-2FLW122x32White77381362x19FSTN PositiveNoSED1520-20-+70-30-+805V0.4x0.4Parallel 8/4 bit 6800

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