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Installation of PCBs using “chip on board” technology

MELT has the COB (Chip on Board) technology. This technology of assembly of PCBs is designed to reduce the assembly cost (free of the chip package cost which can reach several tens of rubles in case of chips with a lot of pins) and minimize the size of print media. This technology has become very popular in the world due to its low cost and high reliability.

We are ready to consider any your proposals for assembly of your items using “chip on board” technology. For this purpose we can design and manufacture PCBs of the required quality. Our serial production LCDs are assembled using this technology which indicates a high reliability of finished items.

You can download a video about our production of LCDs (the video size is 21 MB).

Process standards:

  • Number of unsoldered pins: up to 10000
  • Conductor width: 120 μm
  • Conductor spacing: 100 μm
Time of execution: 2 weeks.
There are also information on production of PCBs and assembly using surface installation technique available on our server.