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Surface and through installation of PCBs

SF-Sample3.jpgIn May 2012 our production lines were fitted with new state-of-the-art multifunctional machines YAMAHA YS12F designed for assembly of PCBs using surface installation technique.

Here are some new manufacturing capabilities:
  • installation of components sized from 0402 (0.4x0.2 mm) to 45x100 mm (from the smallest ones to large ones)
  • installation of BGAs with pin spacing of up to 0.4 mm (we install cutting edge BGAs)
  • automatic check of BGA balls before installation (for cost reduction)
  • assembled PCBs are sized from 50x50 mm to 510x460 mm (we assemble both small and LARGE PCBs).
Each of our production lines allows to assemble up to 20 thousand components of PCBs per hour. 

Component installation accuracy is ±0.05 mm.

Our machines are able to install any advanced discrete components on PCBs, such as 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805 etc., as well as any advanced microchips, including BGA with pin spacing of up to 0.4 mm. The size of installed components varies from 01005 (0402, 0.4x0.2 mm) to 45x100mm and up to 15 mm in height. For large heavy components we can adjust the head rotation speed during installation.

The minimum value of an order for assembly using surface installation technique is 10000 RUB. For detailed information on the production cost refer to section “Calculation of the Installation Cost”.

Surface installation of PCBs is carried out using KIRSTEN-K5360P – the machine for dynamic brazing wave soldering. Unlike conventional machines, this one has the patented dynamic brazing wave that ensures a higher quality of soldering.

In addition to assembly of PCBs, we perform extra works on assembly of items.

Furthermore, we can purchase electronic components for you PCBs. And last but not least, we can manufacture assembly PCBs  and templates.

For detailed information on our production refer to section “Our Equipment”.

Here are some examples of PCBs assembled with our equipment (click the image to zoom in):