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Calculation of the installation cost

The installation cost includes the following:
  • cost of preproduction
  • cost of production of the template for application of the soldering pase
  • cost of line loading and adjustment
  • cost of line operation period
In case of double-sided installation the cost is calculated for each side. The preproduction cost is 6000 RUB for the first order and 2500 RUB for repeat orders.

For installation we use templates made of stainless steel by laser cutting.

The template cost depends on the number of holes for application of the soldering paste. The minimum template cost is 3000 RUB. In case of repeat orders the template cost is not included.

Our prices are specified in Russian rubles and depend on equipment labour hours spent for installation of your items. 

To calculate the installation cost send us the installation diagram of the assembly drawing at e-mail -. Java-script . We will answer you on the same day.